Mozilla Firefox Beta 9 40.0

Get a not yet finalized version of this operating system for use on personal computers

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    Web browsers

  • Version:

    Beta 9 40.0

  • Works under:

    Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8

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  • Program available in:In English
  • Program license:Free
  • Vote:
    6.9 (110)

Firefox Beta is a test version of the popular Mozilla Firefox web browser. Firefox is a preferred web browser for many companies, and you may well need to have this browser on your computer just to make sure you can use all the websites you encounter. However, this version of Firefox brings new functions that the company is testing before deploying them.

The Pros of the Beta Version of Firefox

  • The Beta Version of Firefox is a great program for you to use if you want to get all the latest functions for your web browser. Firefox deploys some interesting new functions that you might find useful.
  • The Beta Version of Firefox is serviced in the same way Firefox is. You can contact Mozilla if you have questions about the browser or technical issues.
  • You can use the Beta Version of the program for as long as you want. It is updated via your DSL or wireless connection. New functions are added often so that you can try them.
  • The test versions of web browsers tend to be much faster than the stock versions. If you need a faster web browser, this a good choice.

The Cons of the Beat Version of Firefox

  • The Beta Version of Firefox may contain functions that you do not need. Some extra functions may be cumbersome as you try to navigate the software. Make sure you are comfortable using the program.
  • Some of the technical issues with the software may be new to the company. Do not be surprised if the browser does things that even Mozilla cannot fix.
  • The Beta Version of Firefox is a much larger file than your standard Firefox browser. Make sure you have enough open space on your computer before you download.

The Beta Version of Firefox is a wonderful way to see new advancements in web browsing, but it may be problematic for you. You need to make sure you find the program useful, and you must make sure you have enough room on your computer to download the program before you get started.

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